Kane Valley trail conditions this month – March 2012

NOTICE:     UPPER TOLKO LOOP CLOSEDdue to blowdown of about 12 trees across the trail the upper Tolko trail is closed. The lower Tolko trail is open via Connector.

Been skiing in the past day or so? Leave us a comment below about the route you used, what the trail was like, and anything that needs attention. You can also leave (or respond to) questions on the Kane Valley Trails or about local weather. We’ll also use these posts to tell you what’s been groomed, what is scheduled to be groomed, and anything else club members and trail users should know about. For information about snowshoeing options in the Merritt area click here.


Full moon over Second Lake, Kane Valley (see comment on 8 March). Photo: Murphy Shewchuk

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20 Responses to Kane Valley trail conditions this month – March 2012

  1. Katharine says:

    A friend found a pair of ladies reading glasses on Asp today. If they are yours call 250-378-4577.

  2. Clayton says:

    Good day Kane Valley Skiers. I had a quick question. We’re looking to do some camping up the Vought Valley Road off Kane Valley Road (Boss Lake) on the April long weekend. Is there anyone in the area that can let me know the road conditions? Are we able to get into the lake? I know they plow Kane Valley Rd but I’m not sure about the Vought Valley turn off. Any information would be most helpful. bubbaletain23@hotmail.com
    Many kind regards for your help. Happy trails!

  3. Andrea says:

    Another morning of winter ski conditions with 2-4 inches of new fluff and a cool wind kept the snow light and powdery until I finished at 1pm when a few sunny spots on Kane got soft. Not fast skiing, as I broke trail on Kane and around Hill’s Homestead – it would be super tomorrow morning if anyone is keen. It was -13C here in Kane Valley overnight and -6C when I started skiing – warmed up to just -1C at the trails.

  4. Andrea says:

    Weather – we’ve had 2 inches of snow so far and still snowing. -3C in lower Kane Valley – it’ll be cooler at the trails. Should be great skiing.

  5. Alan says:

    Sunday 18th
    I skied the entire outer perimeter starting and ending at P6 – estimated 24 km (am I ever knackered!) Most of it was good skiing except for Harmon which was mostly deep and sometimes crusty snow and hard going. There are good tracks set by skiers on most of the trails. Skiing should be good for many days to come – will be better in the mornings – gets soft and slippery in the afternoon.

  6. Willi says:

    Just got back from Kane and it was glorious! We skied Aspen/Sundown/Ravine and back down Skyhigh and Kane. Yesterday we did the reverse direction but started a little late and hit sticky snow on Aspen to January Landing. Today we started earlier and it was great all the way. -6C at the road, so still nice there for the afternoon skiers today.

  7. Alan says:

    Saturday 17th
    Snowing and about 10 cm of fresh snow, -6C in the Kane Valley (S end) this morning. Probably good skiing today.

  8. Alan says:

    Wednesday 14th – the snow is excellent and the trails are like velvet.
    Did Kane, Ravine and Hill’s Homestead today – beautiful skiing all the way. About 3-4 cm of fresh powdery snow on the nicely groomed trails. Could not be better. Sadly most people seem to have put away their skis – I think I was the only one out there today. It should remain good for many days to come if the colder weather holds. It was about -5C today and a bit of a chilly breeze at times.

  9. Andrea says:

    It looks like another wonderful day of winter ski conditions. Sunny, -9c this morning in Kane Valley with another inch of fresh snow. This is some of the best skiing all season!

  10. Andrea says:

    Just the best skiing this morning in fresh, cold snow on Hill’s Homestead, Tolko Loop and Ravine which is groomed all the way to the top. About -4C in gorgeous sun and some wind. There is heaps of snow on the trails, so skiing will go on for some time yet!

  11. Andrea says:

    Snow report: 2-3 inches of new snow yesterday, sunshine this morning and -6C at 9:30am. with forecast to stay below freezing today. See you up there!

  12. Katharine says:

    Just came back from a lovely moonlight ski on Upper Second Lake. Very bright and not the usual -20 C as on other moonlight skis! No wind either. We heard a Northern Sawwhet Owl both hooting and calling.

  13. Maurice says:

    On a recent ski trek from P5 up to the Aspen / Sundown loop, I came upon a self-centered, inconsiderate “prime donna”, who obviously felt she was immune to any ski club regulations, as she had a large dog with her, and that dog was doing serious damage to a wonderfully groomed and tracked trail. This behaviour is unacceptable in itself, but it also encourages other dog owners to disregard the rules and to treat the whole “Nicola Nordic Ski Club” trail system as their own private facility, with no consideration for the user majority.

  14. Robert Rose says:

    March 7 2012 Am
    Skied Hills homestead today. it was absolutely beautiful

  15. Katharine says:

    Great skiing today, definitely the best so far.We skied P1, Menzies, Vale Lunchbox and back via Ridge. Unfortunately, a skier with a dog was setting out on the trail as we finished. Again, a Board member who should know better and should show responsibility and consideration.

  16. Andrea says:

    Skiing couldn’t have been better than today – winter wonderland with the 1-3 inches of new snow on the trails and temp. at -8C in mid-morning and -4C in the afternoon in brilliant sunshine. We skied a 12.5 km loop from P6 on Aspen to P5 then up Over Easy to Gulch and Panorama Shelter and down Harmon. Sometimes Harmon can be a tricky trail – too long and slow if its sticky and too fast if it’s crusty, but today it was a smooth, fast straight-run all the way in the powder. Aspen and Kane have just a bit of new snow and you can feel the crunch under foot, but higher up, the groomed trails are softer with fluffy powder on top. Just great!

  17. Alan says:

    We skied Matthews Loop this afternoon – about 4-5 cm fresh snow on the groomed trail and some snow falling. Excellent skiing. It is going to be below freezing Tuesday and then warming up later in the week. Better get out while the snow is fresh. Phone in sick!

  18. Helen Lachlan says:

    Skied from P5 to Bertha Landing down Sundown and Aspen to the Lake. Well groomed Spring snow. However, the trails were chewed up with dog prints. I saw one of the offenders (she is a ski club director) .

  19. Sheila says:

    Liis and I skied Vale to Panorama yesterday. Snow was compact and although it was not too fast we walked down some of Harmon where the trail is narrow and steep – we just aren’t that brave anymore :-)!! Good day to be out on the trails.

  20. Alan says:

    Saturday 3rd
    Our groomer reports that he has groomed and tracked all the trails in the past 2 days. The lower Tolko loop is closed because of about 12 trees blown down across the trail – avoid that.
    Temp this morning in the Kane Valley is around zero.
    Have a good weekend!

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