Kane Valley Skiing – December 2018

Update! We have fresh snow and grooming has begun. Most trails are groomed for skiing but not yet tracked – see the comment link at the very bottom of this page for updates


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Club news

We had a high attendance at the club’s AGM on the 20th November – possibly it was the attraction of the yummy Bramble’s Bakery lasagna, salad and garlic bread? The following were elected as Directors for the 2018-2019 season: John Anderson, Kate Anderson, David Brown, Linda Brown, Alan Burger, Travis Fehr, Dorothy Molnar, Mischelle Pierce and Ian Webster.

Chili Sunday

Mark your calendar – our ever-popular ski and snowshoe event will be on Sunday January 13th. For information and photos of previous Chili Sundays click here: Events

Groomers needed

We need experienced snowmobile operators to help with grooming our trails this season. We usually pay $2-3,000 to grooming contractors. If you are interested contact us: nicolanordic@gmail.com


Take a camera or phone with you on your ski outing and share your photos. Send ski photos to nicolanordic@gmail.com

For photos from previous seasons go to our Photo Gallery

Trail updates

Take care! There has been a washout on the Hill’s Homestead trail which removed part of the road (and ski area). The club has marked off this area with a high-visibility fence but take care in skiing downhill in this area.

Logging trucks. There is logging going on in the Kane Valley area and logging trucks are using Kane Valley Road through the ski trail area. Drive with care, especially on corners.

Been skiing in the past day or so? Leave us a comment about which route you used, what the trail was like, and anything that needs attention. You can also leave (or respond to) questions on the Kane Valley Trails or about local weather.

We’ll also use these posts to tell you what’s been groomed, what is scheduled to be groomed, and anything else club members and trail users should know about. Our trails are not suitable for skate-skiing.

For instructions on how to leave a comment click here.

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8 Responses to Kane Valley Skiing – December 2018

  1. Ian W says:

    New Year’s Eve, skied from P2 up Homestead round to Jake’s Junction, then skied back up Ravine (my favorite climb) and came down Homestead again (wheeee!). Took Kane back to P2. Beautiful conditions: about -3 celsius under blue skies. Snow a bit thin under trees with a fair bit of wind-blown debris as well, but still not bad. Met a couple of families where Matthew’s and Kane overlap. Kids and dogs having a ball.

    Happy New Year, tout le monde.

  2. Kate Anderson says:

    Surprise and delight… it cooled off Saturday Night and there is 2-3 inches of new snow. Hubby groomed as follows today: Kane to Aspen, Sundown, Ravine, Skyhigh, Hills, Matthews, Chute, Ravens, Tillicum, Menzies, Asp, Crossover, Vale and Gulch…. some double passes, mostly single.Still not quite enough to track, but trails in good shape to ski. THANKS HUBBY!!!

    I went out to try the snow this afternoon,, preparing for a less than awesome ski….. and was delighted with the snow and conditions! I did the Loop from P3 around Gulch and Crossover ….. it is powder with good glide and not too fast and enough snow to grab an edge. The high today was -3.and it’s supposed to stay cold so the snow should hold and be good skiing to bring in the New Year!!!

    Caution with the lighter snow pack: Still some areas that are icy and light under tree shadowed areas.

    Lots of snow shoe trails being used, the lakes are dotted with ice fishing and Kane Valley remains a winter wonderland.

    Come out and play!


  3. Kate says:

    The wind blew all night and it’s +6 this morning and raining (boo hoo) Skiing will not be good today. It’s supposed to get cold tomorrow so we will groom again as soon as we get some new snow and keep you posted on the conditions.

    Kind Regards ….. and patience

  4. Kate Anderson says:

    Happy in between! The temperature is -4 right now, and we have had approximately 4 inches of snow since Hubby groomed on the 24th.

    i skied Hills Homestead yesterday and the powder on top of the groomed base made for terrific skiing, not too fast, able to grab and edge and had a wonderful ski.

    Its lightly snowing now, and we hope this will continue and accumulate so we can groom again and get some tracks laid down soon.

    Come out and play!

  5. Ian W says:

    Merry Christmas, tout le monde!

    Christmas Eve, skied Kane out and back and Matthews Loops East and West. Trails groomed (thanks, Hubby) but not tracked (not enough snow). Snow crystallized, slippery and fast. Kane by far the best. Matthews Loops a bit precarious with bare parts that stop you dead in your tracks and some rocks. Exercise caution.

  6. jh says:

    Skied Ravens ridge Dec 24th. Bit skimpy in places but skiable under beautiful blue sky. Met Hubby groomer and he has groomed Homestead. He said there is a foot of snow up there so I am going to check it out today dec 25 at noon, with Kate.

  7. Kate says:

    Merry Christmas!

    Hubby groomed on the south side yesterday. Hills Homestead, sky high, Tolko, Ravine, Aspen down to Harmon.Lake. and reports that the best snow is on this side.
    It’s still a bit light in some spots, but totally manageable and good once you climb a bit.

    VSA has plowed out P2 and would be a good spot to ski from!

    Come out and play!


  8. Kate Anderson says:

    Happy to say today the grooming has begun! Thanks to Hubby for spending the day getting the trails opened up! What a great Christmas treat to be able to ski over the holidays!!!

    Here’s what has been done today:
    Kane, Matthews Loop and Chute, Ravens, Menzies, Tillicum, Gulch and Asp.
    Hubby is planning on going out tomorrow too…. and will groom as the conditions and snow levels allow.

    Best wishes to all. Please use this blog to update us all if you get out on the trails.

    Kate from Kane Valley

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