Kane Valley Skiing – January 2023

Welcome 2022-2023 Ski Season!

Hello New Year – January 2023! Skiing has been wonderful this season so far. Grooming, weather updates and skiing stories are posted below!

Some important changes at the Kane Valley trails:

  • Skiers with dogs are now allowed on all ski trails north of/ above Kane Valley Road. Please be respectful of other skiiers.
  • There are now signs for the snowshoe trails – PLEASE DO NOT SNOWSHOE ON THE GROOMED SKI TRAILS.

Been skiing in the past day or so? Leave us a comment about which route you used, what the trail was like, and anything that needs attention. You can also leave (or respond to) questions on the Kane Valley Trails or about local weather.


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12 Responses to Kane Valley Skiing – January 2023

  1. Kate Anderson says:

    I’m so happy to report that overnight we received 3-5 cms of fresh snow over an excellent base and wide trails. I just got back from a ski with my dogs (and sweetheart) and it’s great skiing!!! It’s -3 right now (9:30am) and my unwaxed skis started to stick at the end a bit, time for a wax!
    Definitely come out and play… and leave us some comments if you’ve been out and about. Maybe there is even more snow up top? I
    I just skied the lakes and back up through Harmon to my house… where did you go?


  2. jh says:

    Today the car temp said -7 at noon, however it felt much colder. Started at p1 to find there is a lot of debris and hard crunchy ice under the trees all along Menzies. Gulch had better snow but the hard packed trail under trees made the hills dicy going up. Ravens ridge required caution under trees, yet the open snow was quite nice going down. Glad to reach the warm car.

  3. Kate Anderson says:

    It’s -5 this morning at Kane Valley. The road and parking lots are all plowed and sanded thanks to YRB! There have been skiffs of snow this week and thankfully the colder weather is here. I’ve only skied on the lakes this week (not part of the trail system) so I can’t report on the trails, but I have seen folks out. We really appreciate it when you post, it helps us all. Thank YOU jh 🙂

    Reminder that dogs are permitted on all the trails on the North side (top) of Kane Valley Road, but not on the South.

    We will be having a full moon ski on Sunday 5th with a fire at P2 starting at 7pm.
    Fingers crossed for more snow!
    Happy Trails y’all!

  4. jh says:

    Jan 27 2023. From P1 skied ravens ridge, menzies, gulch, along ravens to crossover, down crossover which was not very friendly to vale. Back across Neils valley to Asp, then up Asp to Ravens and back to P1. Snow was fine. It snowed a little overnight so most of the ridges and footprints were filled in. The wide trails help control speed. The sun did not shine until noon so it was all good.

  5. jh says:

    parked at p3 today about 12:30pm. Crossed the road and skied up Hills homestead. There is just enough new snow to make the trails soft and quiet. Going up did not have ice underneath, it was sweater warm, just under zero, and no wind. Stopped in the sun by the sunshine bench on top. Kane Valley perfect blue sky day. Entering the trees, there were a few hard spots under big trees, then all was good again after the Connector junction. Skyhigh was soft quiet and easy to maneuver down. Kane back to p3 had many animal tracks so not groomed perfect but they live there and that’s what makes the place so wonderful to be in.

  6. jh says:

    Wanted to see what conditions were like so parked at p1 at 10am and skied past Menzies to go up Gulch. Firm, loud, and well used trail all the way. Use caution and reduce speed. Going up Gulch the snow changed about where the Over Easy trail sign is. The snow got softer, and quieter. Rebroke the faint traces of the Gulch bypass trail. The sun was out, the temperature just under zero making Ravens ridge a pleasure to be on just using caution under the trees in the shade. The trail was still firm and loud for the last bit to P1. Hopefully a bit of new snow will refresh the trails soon.

  7. Kate says:

    Chili Sunday this Sunday January 15th. Come one, come all and enjoy Kane Valley and each other. Here are the details: Come anytime between 11-2 pm. Bring enough chili for you (and your group) to add to the communal pot… bring your own cup, bowl and utensils and the club provides buns, the tea & hot cocoa and will have the fires going and be there to welcome you. If you want to bring excess (Christmas) baking to the table to share rest assured, it will be eaten.

    Ros and I will host a beginner lesson at 12 noon, from P2.
    This is a community “free” day! Come out and play:)

    Today we skied from P1 up Ravens, Harmon and to the North Pole, through Narnia and down Harmon. It was a glorious afternoon, blue skies and then the setting sun as we met our waiting vehicle at the bottom of Harmon.

    So nice to get the message from E&L who skied the whole perimeter, holy wow, you two are amazing! Glad to know you made it back.

    Our busy groomers were out again today…. I’m sure a report will be coming!
    Hats off and a deep bow of appreciation to these dedicated volunteers who have the trails in great shape for all of us to enjoy.

    Kind Regards,

  8. E&L says:

    Oh how we’ve missed you, Kane Valley! First time back in two years, and we had a spectacular ski. Started at P1 and followed Raven’s Ridge to Harmon. Beautiful hoarfrost and lots of moose tracks plus sunshine around the North loop. We flew down Harmon (watch the sun glazed sections) to P6 and then back to the car via Aspen, Hills Homestead, the Matthews Loops, and Chute. Best trail of the day was Tolko—fresh tracks on soft snow. Thanks for the grooming and new signs. See you again in February.

  9. Ian says:

    Greetings Skiers: Here is a brief trail report for Thursday, January 5, 2023.
    It was an absolutely gorgeous day today in the Kane Valley (for skiing and just about anything else) with blue skies, brilliant sunshine, and around zero-degree temperatures by early afternoon. Did I mention not a breath of wind? It was nice to see an intrepid trio of lady skiers making their way around Hill’s Homestead from east to west. Once again I’ll mention that this is the preferable direction to do this long trail. It means a tough climb to get to the top, but you’re rewarded with a much safer and enjoyable descent down the other side.
    Spent the day with a guest groomer, tidying up trails, setting track, and just generally enjoying the outdoors. Had a quick lunch at the bench half way around Hill’s Homestead. Off trail, the snow is a good three feet deep! With no new snow to deal with these past few days, the grooming focus has been on trying to widen trails for the safety of everyone. This is tricky because the moment you venture off the so-called beaten track (firm base), you risk getting the equipment buried in deep, soft snow. Happened to us once today on Hill’s Homestead. In addition to Hill’s, we also did all of Harmon from P6 to the Gulch junction – spectacular scenery and snow.
    The only disappointment of the day was encountering yet another plethora of snowshoe tracks on our designated ski trails, specifically in the area of P5, and Sundown, Aspen and Lower Ravine trails. Before It has been brought to my attention that there might be a partial explanation for this ongoing user conflict. Blog contributor ‘jh’ discovered the following website promoting snowshoeing in the Merritt area, and the Kane Valley in particular:


    Copy and paste the link into your browser and check it out. The site is published by ehcanadatravel.com. The mangling of the french word extraordinaire (they spell it extrodinare) in the title kind of sets the scene for a bunch of misinformation and contradictory information. Just what are ‘groomed’ snowshoe trails? Obviously some snowshoers are confused. No, dogs are not allowed on Matthew’s Loops and Chute. That was two seasons ago. Currently, skiers and their dogs are allowed on all ski trails northof/above the Kane Valley Road. Snowshoers and their animals are not allowed on any designated ski trails at all. To the best of my knowledge, dogs are allowed on all snowshoe trails in the Kane Valley. Hopefully this issue can be resolved soon.
    Happy trails!

  10. jh says:

    Parked at P3 and skied Mathews Loop today. Slow relaxed ski took 2hrs in afternoon. Talked to a young couple eating dinner at the P2 shelter as the day was fading. The snow is lovely and the car temp was -5. Road is good. Can’t ask for more than that.

  11. Ian says:

    Greetings Skiers: Here is a trail report for Tuesday, January 3, 2023.
    Great skiing conditions in the Kane Valley today. Excellent snow, and a midday temperature of -10 degrees. Looks like it’ll be a tad colder tomorrow (Wednesday), followed by a warming trend beginning on Thursday. Only a 30% chance of flurries most days.
    The Kane Valley Road (and the parking lots) have finally been plowed! P2 and P3 lots are clear and spacious, and there’s room at the side of the road at P1, P4, P5 and P6. If you’re wondering where P4 is (because there’s no sign), it’s between P3 and P5 (go figure, eh!) on a curve in the road. There is pull-out parking on the lake/left side of the road (ice fishermen like to use it), and the trail access is on the hill/right side of the road. You actually find yourself at the midpoint of the Overeasy trail. Go left and you get to P5; go right and you climb to the junction with Gulch trail.
    Speaking of Overeasy, it is a lovely trail that all should try. We groomed it twice today, along with Lynx, North and the top half of Asp. Not appreciated were the snowshoe tracks right down the middle of Asp and along the sides of Vale and some of Gulch. Folks, these are ski trails, and are not open to snowshoeing. You have your own designated trails, that we go to great pains to stay clear of with skis.
    After getting feedback that Hill’s Homestead trail was a tad narrow, we crossed the road this afternoon and groomed Hill’s again, widening wherever possible. It is recommended that you ski Hill’s east to west, even though the climb at the eastern end is somewhat grueling. The descent on the western end is considerably safer. Hill’s definitely requires intermediate skiing abilities – both going up and going down.
    Enjoy your skiing the rest of this week and on the weekend. We’ll be back grooming at the beginning of next week.
    Happy trails!

  12. Jess Darter says:

    Excellent conditions, awesome skiing says Kate! Roads have been plowed and sanded (even P2!)
    If you can get out today, you should!

    happy new year & happy skiing folks!

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