Kane Valley Skiing – March 2023

A little birdie has shared that skiing conditions have been AMAZING the past few weeks! We are so happy that skiiers and families have been out enjoying the trails. Don’t forget to share when you are out on the trails and the trail conditions!

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4 Responses to Kane Valley Skiing – March 2023

  1. E&L says:

    Another beautiful ski this afternoon under bluebird skies. At noon, the trail out from P1 was still quite hard and fast, especially in the shade. The snow softened a lot over the next hour as we climbed up Raven’s Ridge and Harmon, but take care on the first corner on Gulch after the Lunch Box shelter. Moose have made a bit of a mess of the trail there. A moose has also walked right down the middle of the trail from the high point on Harmon most of the way to P6. The descent, however, was fantastic: soft snow, lovely views, and full sun. Aspen was excellent too. We took Porter Bypass, which being mostly in the shade was a bit hair-raising, and so Sundown and Ravine are probably the better option. From P5, we climbed Overeasy (melting quickly on the exposed slope to P4 and heavily travelled by snowshoers just above) which offered great views and surprisingly good snow just below the Gulch intersection. Back along Gulch and Menzies to the car. The snow is transforming, but there’s lots still on most trails and it offers great skiing when the trails soften up. Last ski for us at Kane this year. See you next season.

  2. E&L says:

    Don’t put your skis away yet! The Kane Valley trails were magnificent this afternoon: sunshine, blue skies, and lots of pockets of powder up high and in the shade. We started at P1, took Raven’s Ridge to Harmon and the North Pole, and down to P6. The snow is soft enough to make the downhills fun but not too fast. From Aspen, we skied Sundown and Kane to Skyhigh. Unfortunately, snowmobiles have gone the whole way round Hills Homestead and the Tolko Loops, so probably best to avoid those trails for the moment. But we had a lovely ski out on Matthews Loop and back to P1. Enjoy the north side trails while these conditions last.

  3. jh says:

    Parked at P5, 11am March 14th. The road up had fresh snow with some local traffic. No skiers or snowshoers. At January landing took Aspen to Harmon Lake. Did not use Porter’s Bypass. Snow was variable from soft in the trees to light crust in the opens. The temperature variations have compressed the snow pack making it heavy or dense to move through. It looked perfect with the fresh snow on top, but strong effort was needed to control speed and maneuverability on the slopes. Turned around at the hill overlooking the lake and went up Sundown and Lower Ravine to Kane, then back to P5. Under the trees in the drip areas the snow is quite saturated with moisture yet all still skiable. The temperature was about zero, but Spring is starting to have an impact on the trails. Stay safe. jh

  4. jh says:

    Parked at P2 Wed March 8 at 1:15. Drudged down Kane to get to Skyhigh. The packed light snow covered trail was easy to get up. Hills Homestead was really nice skiing. No ice, no sticking, good glide, no recent usage. At the homestead end the snow was just beginning to harden so caution is needed when coming down to Kane. Each ski is expected to be the last of the season, yet the snow had not freeze thawed up there.

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