Kane Valley Trail conditions – March 2013

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We’ll also use these posts to tell you what’s been groomed, what is scheduled to be groomed, and anything else club members and trail users should know about.

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3 Responses to Kane Valley Trail conditions – March 2013

  1. Andrea Lawrence says:

    We got plowed out last night so I headed down to the trails – they didn’t get such a big dump (just as well), so the trails now have 3 inches of new snow on the groomed base. It was velvety-soft skiing and the temp. stayed below freezing with the cloud cover today, no wind. I put a track from P5 along Kane and around Hill’s Homestead – great skiing – my blue wax worked well and the snow was just the right speed for fun straight runs down the hills.

    Watch out – there is a small tree down across the trail near the bottom of Sky High and a rogue skiddoo has done a loop from Aspen around Kane, Ravine and Sundown, making a good mess at Jake’s landing and ruts on the trail.

  2. Andrea Lawrence says:

    Okay! Now that we’ve started shoveling, I measure 10 inches of new snow – it’s light and powdery. Kane Valley Rd. at this end (Coldwater) isn’t plowed yet, so you might want to check with Sheila at Kate and John’s to see if the East end is plowed or bring your 4×4 to get to the trails. Not sure what the snowfall is at their end. It’s sunny and calm.

  3. Andrea Lawrence says:

    Surprise! An overnight blizzard dropped 8 inches of snow here at Kane Valley west and it’s -7 this morning. We’re off skiing!

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