Kane Valley Ski Conditions – December 2016

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We are skiing in Kane Valley! Most of our trails are now groomed – check the Comments below for postings on conditions.  Please post a comment if you have been out on the Kane Valley trails.

Winter wonderland in the Kane Valley - December 5th, 2016. Photo: Anne Pang

Winter wonderland in the Kane Valley – December 5th, 2016. Photo: Anne Pang

Been skiing in the past day or so? Leave us a comment about which route you used, what the trail was like, and anything that needs attention. You can also leave (or respond to) questions on the Kane Valley Trails or about local weather.

We’ll also use these posts to tell you what’s been groomed, what is scheduled to be groomed, and anything else club members and trail users should know about.

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13 Responses to Kane Valley Ski Conditions – December 2016

  1. Kate says:

    Currently -13 in Kane Valley and clear. The snow conditions are terrific. A lot of the trails were groomed yesterday. Mechanical glitches with snow machine and the track setter prevented tracks from being set yesterday. These have been fixed and Darren is onboard to track set as much as possible today. We hope to have Matthews, Ravens, Gulch, Kane and Hills done today (probably in that order)

    Please don’t park vehicles where the groomer crosses the road at the east end of P1 (you can see where we shovelled the crossing) and also at P5 at the bottom of Overeasy (Darren has to run out on the road).

    The snow is good, come out and play! And Happy New Year!
    Kate (and John)

  2. Cindilla Trent says:

    Dec 29th. Found on Mathew’s Loop , black rubber binding part. We left it on the Sign in kiosk near P2.

  3. Rob says:

    We are interested in skiing today (Dec 3o) or New Years Eve. Can anyone provide an update on what has been track set?

  4. Andrea Lawrence says:

    A+ skiing today from P3 on Vale, Gulch and Ravens, all groomed. Powder skiing on Asp (ungroomed) – Crossover also not packed yet. Perfect blue wax snow conditions at -10 temp. all day, light snow falling. Best, Andrea (and Alan)

  5. Kate says:

    Merry Christmas everyone! We spoke to Darren who just finished grooming at 5:30 tonight. Darren says pretty well all the trails are opened up, packed and tracked. Thank you Darren and Pete for spending all day getting trails in great shape!

    The grooming has been challenging the past couple of weeks due to extreme cold, huge winds and drifts and lots of snow the past couple of days. Despite all of this, there is excellent skiing available right now in Kane Valley, thanks to our great grooming team.

    Come out and play!

    For those of you who got new snowshoes from Santa, please stick to the snow shoe trails and check out the link on our website.
    Ho ho snow, Merry and bright, happy Christmas to all and to all a good night:)!

  6. Kate says:

    -5 and 3 inches of fresh snow overnight. We have a good base now and Darren is grooming again today and tomorrow. Tree has been removed from Hills Homestead, please continue to post or contacts us about danger areas. Conditions are great and wilderness skiing is at it’s prime in Kane Valley!

    BIG thanks to VSA who have been plowing out the parking lots for us!!!!

    Happy skiing and warm winter greetings to all, see you out there!

    PS ….. Memberships available online and at Brambles Bakery, along with the chance to win a Jean Keigerl original painting (also on display at Brambles)

  7. Tanya says:

    went for a quick ski this morning around Matthews Loop. Temp -12, no thaw/freeze cycle this week with the warmer weather, so snow conditions are good. Definitely some drifted snow after the wind storm and lots of pine needles down in some areas, but no trees down on Matthews. Looks like a family decided to go for a hike on the ski trails between P3 & the north arm of Matthews West (1st junction after P2), so the trail surface is very chewed up, but decent once you are past that damage. Also quite a few body divots on the north arm of Matthews West.

  8. Alan says:

    There is a tree down across Kane Trail south of the Hill’s Homestead junction but it seems skiers can get around it. Reports from skiers today are that the skiing is good although yesterday’s strong winds (that brought down the tree) drifted in all of the grooming that was done on Monday.
    There may be other trees down over other trails – please report any hazards on the trails.

  9. Alan says:

    Grooming happening today and good skiing.
    I skied the Hill’s Homestead loop from P5 and it was good skiing (the base is still a bit soft but the entire loop has been groomed). A nice temperature (-1C) and good snow conditions.
    Darren the grooming contractor was out today and has groomed and tracked most of the popular trails. A few like Tolko and Connector have not yet been groomed.
    So there are groomed trails, good snow and perfect temperatures for skiing at Kane Valley.

  10. Kate says:

    Currently -6, blue sky with patches of cloud. Trails have all been groomed, track setting will start tomorrow. Conditions should be good!

    Come out and play!

    Snowshoeing trails look like they have seen some action, please please please don’t snowshoe on any of the ski trails. BIG Thanks to the Nicola Explorers for marking these trails. See links on this site for more info. Snowshoeing trails are not part of the Ski Club and there have been some issues in the past with people snowshoeing on the ski trails, please let’s work together for the enjoyment of all.

    Cheers to all,

  11. Kate says:

    It is currently -13 in Kane Valley and snowing lightly. 2 inches of fresh snow overnight.

    Darren and Pete (our trusted groomers) will be out again today!

    See you out there, wahoo! Winter has truly arrived and Kane Valley is a wonderland. Happy skiing everyone!

    Memberships convert to grooming and make a great gift for that special someone on your list…. And a great gift to give yourself!

    Come out and play!

  12. Kate says:

    The groomers were out all day packing and grooming the majority of the trails in the system today. The temperatures hovered at -15 for the majority of the day with light snow flurries.

    Please use caution,there are trees down around ASP which will be removed asap.

    I skied the same route as Anne on Thursday, after one pass of the packer and it was beyond beautiful. Truly a winter wilderness filled with peace and tranquility.

    Come out and play!

  13. Anne Pang says:

    Skied from P1 to Menzies, Vale, Lunch Box and back on Ravens. Lots of snow. Looks like the trails are ready for grooming. A rather cold day for me, -8C, but beautiful. Had to keep moving to keep my fingers and toes from freezing.

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