Kane Valley Ski Conditions – January 2017

Chili Sunday 15th January was a big success. For photos and info on this event click here: Chili Sunday 2017

SNOWSHOERS – PLEASE READ: We are still getting snowshoers trashing our groomed trails (that means any smoothed or tracked trail). Please do NOT walk or snowshoe on the trails that our ski club members pay to groom. There are flagged snowshoeing trails that you can use starting from most parking lots.

Been skiing in the past day or so? Leave us a comment about which route you used, what the trail was like, and anything that needs attention. You can also leave (or respond to) questions on the Kane Valley Trails or about local weather.

We’ll also use these posts to tell you what’s been groomed, what is scheduled to be groomed, and anything else club members and trail users should know about.

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9 Responses to Kane Valley Ski Conditions – January 2017

  1. Tanya says:

    Another superb morning of skiing at Kane Valley, temps in the -4 to -2 range. No thawing yesterday, so the light fluffy snow on top of the recently groomed base remains. Was snowing lightly when I left yesterday, and snowing lightly again this morning. I skied Aspen, Sundown, ravine, Tolko & HH. Was stoked to see that Ravine had finally been groomed.

  2. Tanya says:

    Perfect ski around Hills Homestead today, 1 cm fresh snow overnight with temperature up to zero by the time I was finished skiing, so snow starting to get a bit slow under the skis. Groomer is out this morning, had been around Matthews, Chute & Ravens’.

  3. Alan says:

    Three of us out skiing today. I did Over Easy (somewhat icy and soft) and all of us did the full length of Kane (good skiing but tricky in places with fresh snow on top of harder packed snow). Temperatures around -2C so great to be out. We heard that it was raining in Merritt but up in Kane Valley it was beautiful with occasional dusting of very light snow. Should continue to be good skiing.

  4. Kate says:

    Grooming update!!
    Darren was out grooming today on the South side of our trails. Everything is widened, groomed and track set. Tolko and the Connector are opened and groomed as well as Ravine and the loop on Sundown back through Aspen to Kane. So there is some GREAT skiing to be had!!!

    The ONLY part on the south side that is not done today is the west half of Aspen (that is closest to Harmon Lake) our intention is to get that done as well as across the road and up Harmon up to Shawn’s Shelter, hopefully on Sunday. I will keep you posted.

    BIG shout out to VSA! Thanks to them for keeping our parking lots and pull outs plowed out… and as for the fine grader man… truly an art form with those wings! VSA is NOT obligated to do this, so please pass along some gratitude to any one you know who works for them.

    Come out and play!

    Kate and John

  5. Alan says:

    In case you missed the notice at the top of this page:
    Chili Sunday is coming up!

    Sunday 15th January at 11 AM to 2 PM at the P2 shelter (note the change in venue – we’re moving from P3 to P2).
    Bring some chili for the communal pot, a bowl, mug and cutlery. The club is providing buns, dessert and hot chocolate, coffee or tea – and of course a warm fire.

    Ski lessons for beginners at 11 AM at P2.

  6. Tanya says:

    Another beautiful day in the Kane Valley today, temp between -10 & -12 this afternoon. I Skied from P3 up Asp, Gulch, and Harmon to Panorama, was disappointed to find Lynx sans any grooming this year. I tried to venture onto Lynx with the intent of setting some tracks, but was soon sunk to above my knees due to the lack of any base, so returned to P3 via Harmon & Gulch. Super disappointed in the continued disrespect shown by the snowshoers who continue to use the ski trails for their outings (another group has trekked from P3 up Vale & Gulch to Buzz landing), rather than using the snowshoe trails that some of us have worked hard to establish, & keep clear & marked each year.

  7. Kate says:

    Currently -12 and blue skies in Kane Valley! Lovely day to come out and play! It’s warmed up 3 degrees in the past hour, so I’m guessing it might even get a tad warmer soon.

    Still time to get your membership for the season and get your name on the draw for a Jean Keigrel original painting. You can view it at Brambles as well as pick up memberships (or print your own off our website. Draw is January 15 (Chili Sunday)

    Road is in great shape and parking lots are plowed, BIG thanks to VSA for that! And to everyone who has supported the club through memberships.

    Happy skiing!

  8. Kate says:

    Happy New Year! -8 and 15cms of new snow overnight on top of yesterday’s freshly groomed and tracked trails! (Didn’t see the snow coming!)

    Darren will go out again tomorrow to groom and set tracks before the weather turns cold again.

    Come out and play!

    Kate and John

  9. Jean Kiegerl says:

    Wonderful skiing yesterday from P5: Kane – Ravine – Sundown – Aspen.
    -4C and excellent snow are just winter luck, but having groomed trails to make it accessible and fun – that’s only because of NNSC. Get those memberships in, everyone, and let’s keep it going!

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